SjQ++[2013 Live digest]


Yuta Uozumi:Piano / computer
Tadashi Yonago:Trombone / computer
Isao Nakagaito:Guitar
Shuhei Otani:Bass
Wataru Asada:Drums
Ryo Kanda:Visual / computer

The audiovisual project [SjQ++] compose their music using a multi-agent system in real-time. A multi-agent system is a bottom-up method used in the field of computer simulation. The agents (players) create the patterns through their interactions based on a simple rule. In [SjQ++], its visual image acts as a catalyst to make the ensemble interact. It visualizes the behavior of each player based on its sound data.

The system can manage the meaning of sound. For example, it connects each player’s relations through motions of the sounds visualized. In addition, it uses animation to make each player cooperate/compete. Control of the interaction flow produces a dynamic performance. The audience experiences the performance of further indivisibility between the sound and the visual. Their sounds and visuals are synchronized perfectly by programming, and both are also affected by one another and change their performance accordingly.


SjQ++ interview on KAKEHASHI